Who We Are

CareDx, Inc is a commercial stage company that develops, markets, and delivers a diagnostic surveillance solution for heart transplant recipients to help clinicians make personalized treatment decisions throughout a transplant patient’s lifetime. Our commercialized testing solution, the AlloMap heart transplant molecular test, or AlloMap, is a noninvasive blood test used to aid in the identification of heart transplant recipients with stable allograft function who have a low probability of moderate/severe acute cellular rejection (ACR) at the time of testing in conjunction with standard clinical assessment.

Mission Statement

CareDx, Inc is committed to improving organ transplant patient outcomes through innovative, non-invasive testing solutions throughout the entire patient journey.

Our Goals

We are dedicated to providing novel, clinically actionable, and timely information to improve the lifelong care of recipients with solid organ transplants. Key elements of our vision include:

  1. Develop and Commercialize Post-Transplant Surveillance Solutions to Improve Recipient Outcomes. We are applying our expertise in the surveillance of heart transplant recipients to develop additional solutions for heart and new solutions for other organs by leveraging our development team, experience in transplant surveillance, research in cell-free DNA, and significant clinically-annotated sample libraries
  2. Increase Utilization of AlloMap. We are pursuing broad-based adoption of AlloMap through encouraging its regular and clinically appropriate use in transplant recipients to improve monitoring and outcomes. We continue to support transplant centers in establishing and adhering to testing protocols, including the use of AlloMap, because we believe that establishing these standards for surveillance is critical in personalizing a recipient’s treatment
  3. Expand the Clinical Utility and Actionability of Our Current and Future Solutions. We intend to continue to invest in clinical trials to expand the clinical utility, actionability, and rate of adoption of our current and future solutions
  4. Strategically Offer AlloMap Internationally. We believe there is a meaningful market opportunity internationally for AlloMap and have recently signed agreements with distribution partners in Canada and in Europe. We intend to continue to investigate partnerships for our offerings in other international regions